Adoption of an adult or minor is a wonderful experience, but it can be also an emotional and complex legal process that should be facilitated with the assistance of a skilled attorney. An adoption attorney can help advise you of your rights, explain your options and handle your case in compliance with all applicable adoption laws.

The length of the adoption process varies widely based on whether it is contested or uncontested and other legal matters. The adoption process includes:

  • Preplacement investigation.
  • Obtaining all necessary consents and/or relinquishments concerning the adoption.
  • Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem of potential adoptee.
  • Petition court for authority to pay fees or expenses.
  • Placement of child with petitioners.
  • File petition for adoption 30 days after placement.
  • Service notice or waiver of notice on or from all parties entitled to notice of the adoption.
  • Post placement investigation.
  • Hearings.
  • Affidavits of non-payment.
  • Accounting of disbursements.

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